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Innovative Alliances realize some of the challenges that small businesses and entrepreneurs face in this changing environment. Innovative Alliances plans to support and assist the business  to overcome some of these challenges by providing many opportunities to small businesses and entrepreneurs. There is always an opportunity available for growth and recognition within the economy. Innovative Alliances focuses on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing/ advertising, organization, operations of business, bookstores/ publications, transforming to an online presence, business proposals and consulting. We bring professional expertise to address the challenges face by small businesses and Entrepreneurs.

Team work

What We Do

The company aims at providing consulting services to small businesses as Innovative Alliances work with technical experts and advisors who have your needs in mind. We are here to help persons who are interested in starting new businesses and expand their business on a greater network. This would involve transitioning of business and entrepreneurs to an online network. We encourage authors of books and articles to publish their product on the platform as we plan to provide you with the recognition you desire.

Our Philosophy

Our purpose is to help our clients succeed and
our philosophy is built around this. Innovative Alliances value our clients and the working relationships they form while working together. Small businesses and Entrepreneurs seeking practical solutions, growth and innovation on a wider network are all welcomed and valued as you aim to provide the best services available with excellent performance. Innovative Alliances  goals are to:

Our Core Values

Organizational Leadership

Critical Thinking

Effective Communication

Detail oriented

Given the fact that the world is operating in an environment of a global pandemic; the new norm is now social/physical distancing, and, the general public is encouraged to make use of the digital environment, this venture – Innovative Alliances – is timely.
Alison Phills
Retired Librarian, ECCB
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