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What We Do

Innovation solutions:

  • Business proposals/projects plans
  • Income statements
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Website creation
  • Loan proposals (personal and business)

 Digital Advertising:

  • Advertisements on social media
  • Advertisements on broadcasting networks
  • Business Portfolio or Profile creation
  • Business uploads advertisement

We offer two portfolio advertising options:

  • Hosting persons with pre-designed ads
  • If not pre-designed we create the profile

Electronic Publishing:

  • Sale of books
  • Free viewing of Articles
  • Academic research publications
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Startup Webinars

As times are challenging, we should find ways to communicate and improve on the operations of our businesses. Communication is the best way to find out how others view our businesses and how we can improve our service to the public.  Creating partnerships can now be easier as Innovative Alliances would be conducting webinars whereby, we would invite small businesses owners, technical experts, and entrepreneurs to discuss different topic and from new relationships. This way new ideas can be generated, and new partnerships can be formed. It also provides exposer for small businesses owners and entrepreneurs to communicate with each other.

A global network of business partners
Digital Advertising

Connecting to a greater audience has never been easier.

Innovative Solutions

We provide professional advice to enhance your business operations.

Electronic Publishing

Share your knowledge and experiences as to a wider audience

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