Budget Alert Episode 4- The Main Budget Documents- With Dr.Juliet Melville

This episode summarizes the importance of the budget.

BUDGET Alert  Episode #4 

 This episode outlines the main budget documents.

Public Literacy Education
and Awareness [PLEA]

This public education and
awareness programme on the ‘Budget and the Budget Process in Grenada’ was aired
on Vibes 101.3 FM radio station [ vibes101.3@gmail.com or kimsplaza@gmail.com]
in Carriacou, as Kim the King graciously agreed to air the programme as a
public service-free of cost.

The programme is the
technical product of Ms. Laurel Bain and Dr. Juliet Melville, who worked with
PR and Co [prandco473@gmail.com], to provide the education programme as a
public service. Dr. Roxanne Brizan-St Martin, who anchors the programme,
informs that the information was extracted from the workshop that was
facilitated by Ms. Bain and Dr. Melville, and which was organized by the
Non-State Actors Advisory Panel in Grenada, with support from the 11th European
Development Fund [EDF] Technical Co-operation Facility and Support to Non-State

Ms. Laurel Bain is a former
employee of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank [ECCB] where she served for over
twenty-five (25) years in various positions, including that of Deputy Director
in the Research Department, Senior Director of the Statistics Department and
Senior Director in the Governor’s Office. During this period, Ms. Bain
undertook economic assessments of countries and considerable research on fiscal
policy and tax structures. Ms. Bain worked extensively with

the countries of the Eastern
Caribbean Currency Union and with international development agencies and
regional institutions. She has written, and continues to write, on economic and
fiscal policy issues which are now published in ‘Budget Alert’. Email:

Dr. Juliet Melville is an
Independent Consultant and Director of Venture Research (B’dos) Inc. She has
over twenty (20) years’ experience in international development work with
fifteen (15) of these at the Caribbean Development Bank where she served in
various capacities including Acting Director of Economics, Chief Economist and
Chief Research Economist. Dr. Melville possesses strong skills in economic
analysis, economic planning and policy formulation and was routinely involved
in the monitoring and analysis of socio-economic developments in Caribbean
countries and the wider international community. Dr. Melville is an avid
researcher and publishes regularly,

particularly on economic and
public debt issues. Email: julietmelville5@gmail.com

Dr. Roxanne Brizan-St.
Martin is an Economist with over seventeen (17) years of experience in
research, project management, health accounting and capacity building in over
eleven (11) Caribbean countries, in the area of health and socio-economic
development. Dr. Brizan-St. Martin specializes in health systems management,
health financing and healthcare access options and challenges in the Caribbean.
She is also trained in Local Capacity Advocacy and Policy Monitoring for Civil
Society Organizations (CSOs), Gender Statistics and Gender Equality, Results
Based Project Management, COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Spatial Econometrics.
Email: roxannebrizan@hotmail.com


Budget Alert Episode 4- The Main Budget Documents- With Dr.Juliet Melville

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